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Welcome to Datatex GmbH

Datatex GmbH is an international oriented company and integrated into the Datatex AG group. Datatex developes and distributes the worldwide leading software for textile and apparel industry. Within this area, we are responsible for the development and controlling of the PC based software packages, such as shop floor applications and data collection systems with special features for the cloth inspection.

In addition Datatex Automation  develops and distributes special solutions for any kind of industrial shop floor applications.


Our software packages are designed to capture, supervise, control and report . . .font>

... and any kind of shop floor applications.

About Datatex AG

The power of information technology at the service of the textile industry. Technological innovation is the key to meeting the challenges of the market.

Datatex AG is an international company specializing in the design, development and implementation of software for the textile and apparel industry.

Founded in 1987, datatex brought together the expertise of a leading group of textile management consultants and an established software house with extensive experience in developing ERP solutions. The resulting mix of strategic skills, industry knowledge and technological know-how has led to the company's current success in world markets: the most accepted ERP for textile industries.

Datatex provides software for textile industries of all kinds, from vertically integrated companies requiring systems to cover the entire production cycle to those specializing in a single stage of the production process. Constant product innovation, excellence in working practice, wide availability of resources and services, together with careful attention to the methods and management style of each customer, are the foundations on which datatex has built its success.


Rovetex AG:
Rovetex AG is a textile management consultant. It's mission is to lead its clients towards excellence in their textile activities. Many projects were already successful installed, thanks to the help of Rowetex.

Jürgens Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG:
Jürgens offers a wide spectrum of products and services in the business area “packaging technology”. Our software package is used for data collection purposes and the data exchange with any HOST system.

Key A: BDE Textil, MDE Textil, Warenschau Textil, RFID Textil, Schnittoptimierung Textil
Key B: Data collection textile, cloth inspection textile, RFID Textile, cut optimization textile



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